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FSP Project - Youth in Parks—Environmental Education( YIP-EE)
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Friends of State Parks is focusing attention on getting students outside the classroom into our state parks. Our state parks preserve some of North Carolina’s greatest examples of geology, ecology and cultural history. Field trips give children meaningful experiences with these tangible resources. Their increased knowledge and improved attitudes towards history and science can have long-lasting effects.

Schools are finding it increasingly difficult to take students on nature outings and many families lack the resources to do this on their own. A challange the parks face is having enough staff to accommodate all the individuals and groups who want to participate in their programs.

Friends of State Parks has designed the Youth in Parks - Environmental Education (YIP-EE) project, envisioned as a partnership between a state park, the park’s friends group and a public school. Additional support may also come from environmental educators or those seeking environmental education certification to volunteer as assistant group leaders.
Join with FSP in bringing more Young People to the Parks for Education

YIP-EE in Action
Photos from a FSP sponsored field trip to Eno River State Park in April 2012.
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Project Goal:
* To foster in young people a love and understanding of nature and an appreciation of their role as stewards of the environment.

Project Objectives:
* To support schools in providing young people an opportunity to get outside the classroom into a state park for environmental education and exploration
* To support state parks in their efforts to provide environmental education to elementary and middle school students
* To support individuals seeking environmental education certification with opportunities to fulfill teaching requirements
* To support parks friends groups in exercising a leadership role within their environmental education community in partnership with NC Friends of State Parks.

Key Partners:
* State park superintendent and park naturalists
* Elementary or middle school teachers
* The park’s friends group
* Environmental Education volunteers
* North Carolina Friends of State Parks

Funding: NC Friends of State Parks (FSP) is providing a limited number of $400 grants for the 2012-13 school year to offset the cost of transportation to the park and for healthy snacks.

For more information or to apply for a grant, you may contact Friends of State Parks, YIP-EE Committee,
email dorothyg@ncfsp.org.
Apply Now!

Your membership and the 501c Non Profit status of Friends of State Parks support this program.
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